How do I get started?2019-03-02T01:17:13+03:00

Simply register for an account here.

Can I customize campaigns and reporting?2019-03-02T01:18:16+03:00

Yes. You can modify the start time, end time, impressions, hold time, hold until date, as well as activate for specific target audiences, segment audience, add audience to other campaigns, mark for A/B testing and more.

Reporting allows you a real-time view of the current impressions and spread of your campaign. Select the various daily, weekly, or monthly views to see the overall performance of CPMs.

How long will it take to set up campaigns?2019-03-02T01:18:31+03:00

You can set up your first campaign in as little as 4 minutes.

What is the default time zone?2019-03-02T01:20:20+03:00

Currently, our reporting can be displayed in a wide range of time zones.

Can your platform get past ad blockers? What compliance measures do you have?2019-03-02T01:20:33+03:00

Yes, we use a combination of robot monitors, SSL certificates and secure HTTP to get your content past ad blockers.

What kind of support do you offer?2019-03-02T01:21:05+03:00

Talk to our dedicated Support Staff 24/7. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction.

Can I buy ads in different currencies?2018-11-28T22:34:18+03:00

Currently you can buy ads in USD, we are working on increasing the available currencies for your home country.

Is campaign testing available?2019-03-02T01:20:51+03:00

Yes. You can A/B test and set a control variable for a set of campaigns to monitor. Select the time range you want to test, CPMs, fill rate and more.